V. 3 (45) / 2020: Modern approach and promising technologies within the projects for development of oil-and-gas fields at Russian continental shelf

This issue integrates 18 articles and seeks for new pivotal technologies aimed at provision of economic activities in the Arctic region. The named articles highlight questions of geological prospecting, additional exploration, design and development of the offshore Arctic hydrocarbon fields including matters of well drilling and safety provision for installations and vehicles.

The suggested collection will be interesting for specialists of gas and related industries, who are engaged in designing and operating facilities and machines applied in situation of northern seas.

V. 2 (44) / 2020: Gas pipeline technical condition and integrity control

This collected book is a prospect of the state-of-art views on current and strategic tasks in controlling technical status and integrity of gas transportation systems and support of their safe operation. It consists of 21 articles highlighting the research leads, new materials and techniques, perfection and optimization of technical and administrative management. Mostly, these materials have been manifested fi rst at the VIII International Conference “Gas Transportation Systems: Present and Future” (GTS-2019), which has taken place in the Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC backed by the Minenergo of Russia, the Minobrnauki of Russia, and the Russian Gas Society. The GTS-2019 participants have represented the Gazprom Group companies, pipe-rolling plants, manufacturers of materials, vendors of the repair, diagnostic and IT equipment, and educational institutions.

Revealed information could be interesting for wide range of researches and practitioners employed in petroleum, chemical and metallurgic industries. It will be also useful for students and postgraduates from correspondent universities (inter alia these materials could be applied for compilation of career progression programs).

Special issue: Topical questions of complex exploration and development of hydrocarbon fields at the Far North of Europe

In 2020, the Ukhta subsidiary of the Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC being its basic scientific and engineering center at the North-West of Russia celebrates its 60th anniversary. All the history of the Ukhta subsidiary is associated with evolution of the regional petroleum industry.

The Ukhta specialists participated in discovering and development of the hydrocarbon fields in Timan-Pechora oil-gas-bearing province, they successfully carried out a pilot recovery of the retrograde gas condensate at the Vuktyl field, accomplished the pioneer...

V. 1 (42) / 2020: Improvement of reliability and safety at gas-industry facilities

This collected book contains 18 articles. In general, they deal with the methodical aspects of risk analysis in relation to the structurally complicated power systems; with simulation of the peculiar process features while operating gas transmitting systems and emergencies at the pipelines transporting the thermodynamically not-stable liquefi ed gases including the marine pipelines; with substantiation of measures aimed at minimization of the aftereffects of the accidents. There is also information on noise diagnostics and noise protection at facilities belonging to the gas industrial enterprises, etc.

The named materials are intended for a wide range of readers who are concerned with reliability and safety of the gas industrial activities.


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