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Procedure for the review of author material

  1. Highly reputable scientists and specialists with higher science degrees who possess deep, professional knowledge and work experience in the relevant scientific field, including members of the Editorial Board, are retained for reviewing.  An author or co-author of the work subjected to reviewing may not be its reviewer.
  2. Following the author’s request, the Editorial Board can arrange for the reviewing of a submitted work.
  3. Reviewing is a confidential procedure. A review is presented to the article’s author without the reviewer’s signature, last name, position, or place of employment. Results of reviews are not disclosed and not published for free access (on the site).
  4. The Editorial Board of the collection book makes decisions regarding publication based on expert opinions from outside reviewers, taking into account the compliance of the presented materials with the thematic trend of the issue, their scientific significance, and actuality.
  5. Upon the receipt of a positive review, the executive secretary of the Editorial Board informs the author of the article to get an authorization to publish it. The Editorial Board reserves the right to abridge or revise articles (via in-house reviewing).
  6. In the case of a negative review, the executive secretary sends the author a copy of the review (see item 6) with a suggestion to revise the article according to the reviewer’s comments, or argumentatively reject them (partially or fully).
  7. In the case of there being a completely negative assessment of the article, a reviewer should substantiate his or her opinions.
  8. Editorial staff guarantees the reviews will be kept for 5 years.
  9. Reviews should be presented to the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles upon the request of the expert boards.
  10. Articles updated (revised) by an author are sent for repetitive reviewing.
  11. A decision regarding the advisability of publication after reviewing is taken by the Chief Editor, and, if necessary, by the Editorial Board.
  12. Those which are not allowed for publication are submissions which received negative feedback, articles which are not properly executed, or those in which the authors refuse to technically revise the original article, which then the authors chose not to revise based on the reviewer’s constructive comments, e.g. by implementing or rejecting them.
  13. The Editorial Board does not store original articles rejected for publishing. Original articles accepted for publication are not returned. Original articles which received a negative assessment from their reviewers are not published and not returned.
  14. It is prohibited for reviewers to make copies of the original articles for their personal needs, or for them to be handed over to another person for reviewing without the editors’ authorization. Reviewers have no right to use the knowledge about the article content prior to its publication for their personal needs. Non-property rights for an article belong to its authors, and exclusive (property) rights belong to their employers, since these articles are official in-house publications.


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