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V. 1 (25) / 2016 «Issues for resource provision of gas-extractive regions of Russia»

Science editor
doctor of geology and minerology V.A. Skorobogatov
doctor of engineering D.N. Krylov




Russia is the largest oil and gas country of the Eurasian region. Its geographic position at the Eurasian megacontinent, economic, historical, cultural and other relations with the countries of Europe, Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) require thorough elaboration of the Europe and Asian doctrine of Russia’s development and expansion to the world energy market with account of geostrategic tendencies. Strengthening of political and economic relations of Russia with the APR implies the development of mineral resources of Siberia and the Far East, formation of new centers for gas production in these regions for provision of the gas transmission system “Power of Siberia” with resources.

Return of advanced positions of Russia in the world community, the sphere of economy, international trade and finances primarily and science eventually will occur in the nearest decades. Geology as one of the fundamental geosciences serves as the basis of development and successful functioning of oil and gas producing industries. These are the condition of explored reserves, the degree of their involvement in commercial production, the scope and reliability of undiscovered (inferred) resources of hydrocarbons that the conditions and rates of industrial development of individual regions as well as the national well-being of whole countries depend on. In turn, oil and gas geology, in addition to geological issues as such (stratigraphy, lithology and tectonics of mainly gas bearing areas), covers the geochemistry, geothermometry and hydrogeology in wide sense, including fluid dynamics of natural systems and productive sequences.

The main promising oil and gas producing regions of the Russian Federation include West- and East-Siberian, Northern (Republic of Komi and east of the Arkhangelsk Region), Caspian Sea and Volga-Urals (Astrakhan, Orenburg and other administrative areas) as well as shelves of Arctic and Far Eastern seas. Eastern Siberia and the subsurface of the Barents Sea and the Kara Sea shall be considered an all-nation strategic stock from the hydrocarbon field prospecting, exploration and development standpoint in the 21st century. For example, in the foreseeable future (till 2020-2025) the development of the oil and gas industry in Russia will be determined by 80-85% by the West-Siberian region (dry land and close shelf – gulfs and bay), the indicated reserves and inferred resources of non-associated gas, condensate and oil in its northern and arctic regions. The waters of the Barents and the Kara Seas, primarily the zones of the coastal shelf (the Pechora Sea, etc.) will become second in value by 2025, and the role of Eastern Siberia and the Far North (onshore and offshore) will grow abruptly in the future.

Comprehensive understanding and generalization of the results of regional and prospecting-exploration geophysical and drilling works for the whole recent period of extensive development of studies in individual regions and productive rock sequences has become the most relevant demand of the current period of subsurface study in gas and oil bearing provinces and basins of Russia for elaboration of the concept of mineral resource base development for oil and gas production, in which the all-nation and regional interests of study of the subsurface would be correlated closely with commercial interests of individual companies. The support and development of the mineral resource base for gas and oil production shall serve as the basis for further development of the mining industry in the country.

The papers of specialists of Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC and other companies included into the digest reflect the results of actual studies in the field of preparation and development of the mineral resource base for gas, performed by Gazprom PJSC and in general in the gas industry of Russia. Geologists and geophysicists of scientific-research and production companies of the oil and gas industry as well as students, candidates for master’s degree and postgraduates of oil and gas specialties at higher education institutions should find this digest interesting.

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