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Special issue «Environmental protection, power saving and labor protection in oil-gas industry»

Science editor
candidate of economics N.B. Pystina
doctor of engineering D.N. Krylov




In accordance with an executive order of the President of Russia, the 2017 is declared a Year of Ecology. This must attract attention to the environmental challenges and improve ecological safety of Russian Federation. The Gazprom PJSC and its affiliates follow 2017 under a “Saving the Nature” motto. It is impossible to realize the environmental measures aimed at improvement of ecological situation in the regions of Gazprom activities and support of its image as an ecologically-oriented company without scientific backing by researchers from the Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC being a leading branch-wise scientific research center. Awareness of actual problems in the Industry affords to concentrate efforts at implementation of the main tasks facing the Gazprom Group.

A special issue of the Vesti Gazovoy Nauki collected book presents a wide spectrum of papers which reveal state-of-art results of priority explorations directed to provision of stable environment-friendly development, safe labor conditions, power saving, as well as rising of energy efficiency of the Gazprom PJSC engineering facilities. Change to standardization of environmental impact on the basis of the Best Available Technologies is seriously studied; namely, it concerns with forming of technical references and creation and introduction of scientific-methodical apparatus for analysis of energy consumption at the Gazprom production facilities and infrastructure. The book represents overall results related to: development and monitoring of target indicators of energy efficiency including investment projects and arrangements; assessment of carbonic and toxic traces of life-cycles for main products and technological processes in oil-gas industry together with determination of complex measures aimed to reduce exposure of greenhouse gases. Also, a number of scientific and technical solutions which help to eliminate the impact of harmful occupational factors and provide safe labor conditions are described. The climatic and environmental situation in the regions of Gazprom activities is studied with the purpose of adjustment to possible climate changes.

Publication is intended not only for ecologists, engineers of ecological and power services, specialists in labor protection employed in gas enterprises, but also for a wide range of readers who are interested in scientific achievements of the oil-gas industry.


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