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V. 1 (29) / 2017 «Improvement of reliability and safety at gas-industry facilities»

Science editor
doctor of engineering, professor V.S. Safonov
doctor of engineering, professor N.I. Ivanov
doctor of engineering, professor B.A. Grygoriev
candidate of physics and mathematics A.Ye. Ryzhov



In pursuance of V.V. Putin instruction (see Instructions of the President of Russian Federation no. Pr-839 dated 29 March 2010, item 2b), in 2013–2016 symbolic changes of industrial safety legislation took place. The main purpose of these changes is to remove surplus administrative barriers for business by implementation of risk-oriented approach to designing and operation of dangerous industrial facilities. Such risk-oriented approach should be based on the risk analysis and enables to optimize administrative and technical risk-lowering measures as well as methods and frequency of control on account of risk gradations.

Among the strategic goals of RF the important ones are life prolongation and the lessening of vital activity and life support risks. Severization of safety requirements to industrial activities needs further perfection and development of scientific provision for reliability and safety of complex systems, namely for the Unified gas supply system (UGSS) of Russia.

The thematic issue of the Vesti Gazovoy Nauki collection being presented contains 25 articles and is conventionally structured by 5 conterminal subjects (in the following order): reliability of Russian UGSS functioning, industrial (fire) safety, risk analysis, labor protection, liquefied natural gas production. The authors of articles are the researches employed in the Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Gazprom Proyektirovaniye, NIIgazekonomika LLC, NPK Izotermik LLC, NTTs PB CJSC, Gazprom Promgaz JSCВ, Melnikov Central Research and Design Institute of Steel Structures.

It is the first issue of the Vesti Gazovoy Nauki collected book which is dedicated to the named subject. But on account of topicality and importance of discussed problems it seems reasonable to promote further regular publication of correspondent materials engaging specialists from Russian Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Science and Education of Russian Federation, the Gazprom PJSC, the Rosneft JSC etc. Papers presented here could be quite interesting to a wide range of specialists from the chemical and oil-gas industries, as well as to the students and postgraduates from the correspondent universities.


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