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V. 1 (33) / 2018 «Current issues of gas production»

Science editors:
candidate of engineering D.V. Izyumchenko
doctor of chemistry, professor V.A. Istomin
doctor of engineering, professor A.I. Gritsenko
doctor of engineering, professor B.A. Grigoryev
candidate of engineering S.Ye. Yershov


This year comes 70th anniversary of Scientific & Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies – (Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC). Being a directing agency of the gas industry VNIIGAZ always worked at the front edge of correspondent scientific tasks. At that, researches concerned with development and operation of gas, gas-condensate and oil-gas-condensate fields are among the main priorities of the Institute. Nowadays, Gazprom PJSC has entered a stage of gas production notable for depletion of most old fields, worsening of quality and structure of hydrocarbon reserves, as well as for development of new fields with complicated compositions of pore gases in the regions with poor or without infrastructure. It predetermines necessity to increase science linkage of technologies and work out a complex of innovative technological solutions on gas, gas condensate and petroleum production both at late and closing stages of field development and at exploration of new gas deposits. So, topicality of scientific-technical projects carried out by the branch research institutes rises significantly.

The most promising gas-producing regions in Russia are the Yamal Peninsular, the continental shelf, the Eastern Siberia, the Far East and the Caspian Lowland. The new fields are characterized with complicated mining-and-geological conditions of bedding and fold tectonics, presence of seismically active zones, and compound component structure of a pore gas (namely, high concentration of methane and helium homologues, and acid components), abnormal pressure-temperature conditions and low filtration properties of productive horizons. Branch specialists are to meet this challenge with creation of adequate technologies.

This collected book includes original articles on perfection of field development systems, methods for improvement of component recovery and productive capacity of operated wells (also using hydraulic fracturing), physical and mathematical simulators of thermal-hydro-gas-dynamical processes. The papers reveal new features of gas and gas condensate collection and field treatment at various stages of field development, as well as engineering solutions aimed at prevention of technological failures within the field systems.

This edition is addressed to a wide range of oil-gas specialists, students, and post-graduates from the correspondent universities.


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