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V. 1 (38) / 2019 «Actual issues in research of bedded hydrocarbon systems»

Science editor
doctor of engineering, professor B.A. Grigoryev
doctor of engineering, professor A.I. Gritsenko
doctor of engineering, professor V.V. Sychev

The presented collected book resumes publishing the proceedings of the 2nd International conference “Studies of petroleum reservoir systems: challenges & prospects” (SPRS-2018), which was held in Moscow in September 2018.

As far as is known, the primary current trend of domestic gas industry is development of the complex Eastern-Siberian fields. For this reason a number of papers are devoted to analysis and elaboration of the geological-geophysical and petrophysical data on various horizons and blocks, interior, and conditions of generation of the Chaynda and Kovykta structures. Traditionally, the issue widely describes studies on the thermodynamic and physical-chemical properties of gas condensates, reveals the pain points in studying the downhole samples of the in-situ fluids and the poorly gas-saturated in-situ water, depicts the principal charting of phase diagrams of the hydrocarbon systems with small concentration of the high-molecular-weight components.

Creation of the scientific basis for physical and mathematical modelling of nonequilibrium low-temperature filtration is supposed by those authors who investigate and test different forms of the equations of state interpreting either the one-phase, or the binary processes, as well as those who study and develop methods aimed at prognosis of the thermal-diffusion characteristics of fluids, the in-situ thermal properties of the fluid-saturated rocks, etc.

All the SPRS-2018 reports and panel discussions highlighted the necessity to coordinate research works on creation of a complex procedure for determination of the component-fractional and the structural-group compositions of the complex hydrocarbon mixtures, and conjoint perfection of equipment and instruments together with the leading service companies. The representatives of other research institutes and the Gazprom PJSC affiliates enounced their interest to prolong mutual communication and cooperation within the framework of the 3rd International conference “Studies of petroleum reservoir systems: challenges & prospects” in September 2020.


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