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V. 2 (26) / 2016 «Current issues of gas production»

Science editors:
candidate of engineering D.V. Izyumchenko
doctor of chemistry, professor V.A. Istomin
doctor of engineering, professor A.I. Yermolayev
candidate of engineering S.Ye. Yershov



The resource base of the gas industry of Russia formed in the 70s of the previous century became the basis for development of innovative technological solutions for gas and gas condensate production. The practical implementation of these solutions at the fields of Western Siberia allowed for bringing the gas industry to a new level in the 1970s-1980s. Today Gazprom PJSC entered the stage of development of natural gas production characterized by increase of the number of fields with falling production, worsening of the quality and structure of reserves and the necessity of development of new fields, mainly with complex gas composition.

Today the Cenomanian deposits of Western Siberia have been mostly developed and are at the stage of reduction of production volumes, at which seasonal irregularity and peak loads start to have the adverse impact on field development. Therefore, in order to maintain the design levels of production and provide stable gas production at operating fields, Gazprom PJSC carries out active upgrade and technical rearming of operating production targets. At the fields with falling production indicators Gazprom transferred from local upgrade on the basis of the actual condition of targets to comprehensive upgrade of gas production assets, within the frames of which new technical solutions are implemented.

In order to compensate gas production reduction in the Nadym-Pur-Taz region and to ensure efficient development of gas markets, development of new gas and oil/gas/condensate fields is required. The Yamal Peninsula, the continental shelf, Eastern Siberia, the Far East, and the Caspian Sea depression are most promising strategic gas producing regions from the gas reserves standpoint. New fields are characterized by complex mining and geological conditions of deposition of reservoirs, presence of seismoactive zones, multicomponent composition and low filtration properties of production horizons. Their development requires creation of innovative technologies ensuring reliable operation of gas production projects in the conditions of absence of developed transport and production infrastructure. This makes scientific and technical studies carried out by scientific research institutes of this industry more important.

The digest includes papers describing intellectual systems of field development, problems of improvement of component recovery from reservoirs; the results of experimental studies of gas and liquid flow with the development of specified methods for hydrogas-dynamic calculations, etc. are provided. Moreover, it contains the section of scientific and technical reviews related to the absorption technology of field gas treatment and regularities of transfer of the laminar fluid flow regime to a turbulent one.

The publication is meant for a broad circle of specialists of the oil and gas field, as well as for students, candidates for master’s degree and postgraduates of oil and gas specialties at higher education institutions.

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