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V. 2 (39) / 2019 «Modern approach and promising technologies within the projects for development of oil-and-gas fields at Russian continental shelf»

Science editors:
doctor of engineering, professor M.N. Mansurov
candidate of physics and mathematics D.A. Onishchenko
doctor of engineering, professor V.P. Bezkorovaynyy
doctor of engineering, professor A.I. Yermakov
doctor of engineering, professor B.A. Grigoryev


In spite of the up-today economic and political realities, development of the Arctic zone is quite topical for our country. It has been proved true by creation of “Academician Lomonosov” floating nuclear power unit and its shipment to Pevek port, as well as by enlargement of the icebreaking fleet, and accretion of powers of the federal Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic.

Among the vital tasks is the necessity to develop offshore Arctic and Far-Eastern oil-gas fields. This huge strategic and infrastructural challenge will require creation and implementation of state-of-art technologies and machinery together with building of necessary infrastructural facilities. Severe environment also complicates offshore hydrocarbon production. Besides, a key peculiarity of marine oil-gas projects is their singularity; so, every stage of technical provision of any offshore either Arctic, or Far-Eastern project must be preceded and accompanied with the advanced scientific studies necessary for development of a particular subsea field.

The introduced issue of the Vesti Gazovoy Nauki collection includes wide range of articles covering geological and technological aspects of marine hydrocarbon production, inter alia: support of reliability and safety of drilling, operation of floating drilling rigs, subsea and tanker transportation of products etc.


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