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V. 3 (31) / 2017 «Issues for resource provision of gas-extractive regions of Russia»

Science editor
doctor of geology and minerology V.A. Skorobogatov
doctor of engineering D.N. Krylov




Dear readers! I’d like to bring to your notice the collected articles of geologists and geophysicists from the Gazprom Group enterprises and other correspondent companies. This collection includes results of the most important recent studies in oil-gas geology. According to all forecasts, in XXI century the primary organic mineral energy resources will keep a leading position within a world fuel budget due to the prosperity of fossil fuels reserves and resources in many countries together with acceptable cost of their production and transportation in foreseeable future. For a variety of reasons nowadays the gas industry both in Russia and in the World has the best outlooks for development among the other power suppliers in particular thanks to the high technological adaptability end ecological compatibility of natural gas.

Next few decades a strategic goal for the domestic gas suppliers including the Gazprom PJSC is the post-crisis increase of the annual production of mineral energy carriers owing to extended reproduction of mineral resources. Gazprom PJSC provides the excess of gas reserves increment over gas production for already 12 years, and the gas geologists made a serious contribution to this achievement.

In relation to scientific and engineering provision for development of domestic raw gas and oil resources, while forecasting, prospecting and development of fields the Russian scientists concentrate their pains in the following directions: perfection of methods and techniques for quantitative assessment of the initial potential hydrocarbon resources in the sedimentary basins and areas; substantiation of the efficient trends geological prospecting and selection of the most winning objects in different geological environment; designing and perfection of the full time geological-geophysical digital simulators of geological structure and oil-gas presence at big territories; creation of technologies for exploration and mastering of various alternative gas and oil sources in the onshore and offshore rocks of different types and age; implementation of innovative solutions for construction of test wells in order to lower time on dost of drilling and to increase efficacy of geological prospecting.

Fresh ideas and techniques will give Gazprom PJSC enterprises an opportunity to optimize mineral base development within dry land and continental shelf of Russia. That’s why this collected book containing information on the works carried out in 2016–2017 will be interesting to the geologists and geophysics employed in the oil-gas industry as well as to the students and postgraduate of correspondent universities.

Beginning from January 2016, in Russia a new Classification of reserves and prognostic resources of oil and fuel gases was put into force. Since that time, in order to avoid odds during the state expertise of materials on calculations of raw hydrocarbon reserves, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russian Federation prescribes the subsoil users to give categories of reserves and resources in the correspondent technical designs of field development according to the requirements of the new Classification. Nevertheless, in some articles of the collected book the prognostic estimations are given according to the Temporary classification of 2001. Mainly it is explained by the difficulties of a transient period. The results presented in the named articles are based among others on the official, reference and scientific data of previous years. In order to provide possibility of data comparison it was decided to use in the papers of 2017 the old terms and legend.


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