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V. 3 (35) / 2018 «Issues for resource provision of gas-extractive regions of Russia»

Science editor
doctor of geology and minerology V.A. Skorobogatov
doctor of engineering D.N. Krylov




The 2018 is a symbolic year both for the Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC, and for Russian gas industry at large. Seventy winters ago the VNIIGAZ institute was founded as a flagship scientific center of gas sector in order to support domestic gas productions within a wide range of research tasks: from geological prospecting and creation of mineral resource base to provision of treatment, processing, transportation, storage, and distribution of free gas, gas condensate, and useful components of natural gas.

This year the 25th anniversary of the Gazprom PJSC is also celebrated. Being nowadays the biggest world gas producer it was a successor of the USSR Ministry of the Gas Industry and an eligible continuer of worthy activities aimed at provision of energy security of Russia and its friendly countries in Europe and Asia.

In many ways due to the Gazprom PJSC efforts, the economy of Russian Federation has survived in 1990s. Nevertheless, either gas industry, or the Gazprom PJSC cannot exist and develop without a reliable reserves of raw hydrocarbons, and scientific substantiation of the gas resource base is a responsibility of geologists and geotechnologists of the Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC.

Up to the beginning of 2018, the general number of hydrocarbon fields in Russia (onshore) and in its maritime belt (offshore) has reached 3500 items, including 942 gas-containing ones. In 2017, national production of natural gas amounted to 691 109 m3, and 70 % here were given by the Gazprom PJSC enterprises.

Analysis of the resource capabilities to provide production shows that Russian gas is going to have an excellent future, Russian oil has rather good (moderate) perspectives, and Russian coal will have an acceptable background for development. This landscape will determine evolution of domestic fuel & energy complex until 2050 and further, and due to the huge Gazprom’s base of traditional raw hydrocarbons a role of this company in the named process will only increase. As to the alternative gas resources, they will be enough for industrial development during many decades in the second half of the XXI century.

Any time soon, no country will be able to compete against Russian gas transported through the transcontinental pipelines westwards and eastwards. This is a particular and main result of the Gazprom activities during last 25 years, and a basic premise of it future success.

The oldest one in the Gazprom system, a geological scholar school of the VNIIGAZ is 70 years old, and only the reasonable scientific tradition enabled it not to lose any separate disciplines over the years. Just short of three quarters of a century, the geologists from the VNIIGAZ participate in development of domestic base of hydrocarbon resources. Today and in near future a role of science in prospecting and prediction of new hydrocarbon fields at the continental shelf and in the poorly studied and difficult regions of Siberia and the Far East grows considerably.

This collected book includes papers of geologists and geophysicists from the Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC, its Ukhta subsidiary, the Gazprom PJSC, and other dedicated companies and enterprises. The articles base on the scientific results of three generations of petroleum geologists who have ever worked in the VNIIGAZ. This information will be useful for further research projects aimed at forecasting, prospecting and development of traditional gas resources, as well as for preparation of alternative sources of hydrocarbons for commercial operation.


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