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V. 4 (28) / 2016 «Actual Problems of Research of Stratal Hydrocarbon Systems»

Scientific editor
doctor of engineering, professor B.A. Grigoryev
doctor of engineering, professor A.I. Gritsenko
doctor of engineering, professor V.V. Sychov




This collected book accumulates articles prepared by proceedings of the 1st International scientific conference «Studies of petroleum reservoir systems: challenges & prospects» (SPRS-2016) held in September, 2016 in Moscow on behalf of Gazprom PJSC. The conference organized by Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC gathered representatives of 37 foreign companies from 5 countries, 150 specialists from Gazprom PJSC subsidiaries, as well as employees of domestic academic and sectorial institutes and universities.

In general, plenary reports in detail described the state-of-art, tasks and prospects of studying the oil-and-gas reservoir systems. The last achievements in simulation of thermodynamic properties and phase equilibria of the complex multicomponent systems using cubic and multi-constant equations of state were demonstrated, as well as the abilities of molecular dynamics methods. Also, in connection with a new revision of the Subsoil Law (01/01/2016) which heightened responsibility of subsoil users for safety of rock and stratified fluids samples staying in special core and fluid storages, S.K. Akhmedsafin, Deputy Head of the Gazprom PJSC Department, and D.V. Lugay, General Director of Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC, stressed that creation of the Gazprom Corporate system for work with core and fluids was quite topical and timeline.

At section meetings some 100 reports were made namely on gas-condensate and gas-dynamic well studies, investigation of rocks constituting reservoirs or sealing petroleum and gas deposits, stratified fluids and their components, filtration in multiphase systems. Furthermore, several round-table discussions were dedicated to core and fluids sampling at building of test and operational wells, as well as to development of regulations for geophysical tests, gas-condensate and laboratory petro-physical research, and engineering and manufacturing of experimental equipment for core and fluids exploration. Finally, it was recommended to prepare a complex of national standards on fractional analysis of a gas-condensate mixture, and to liven up development of domestic software aimed at calculating phase equilibria and thermal-physic properties of bedded systems.

On account of the major scientific and practical value of core and bedded fluids studies together with particular interest of the gasoil companies in their progress, and regarding the productive results of the conference, it was decided to make it international and to carry out the second International scientific conference SPRS-2018 on September-October, 2018, in Moscow.

See below English version of annotated list of articles and links to correspondent articles in Russian.


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