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V. 5 (37) / 2018 «Actual issues in research of bedded hydrocarbon systems»

Science editor
doctor of engineering, professor B.A. Grigoryev
doctor of engineering, professor A.I. Gritsenko
doctor of engineering, professor V.V. Sychev



This collection includes 24 articles summarizing the results of the 2nd International scientific conference “Studies of petroleum reservoir systems: challenges and prospects” (SPRS-2018) held in September 2018 in Moscow. The SPRS-2018 was organized by the Gazprom PJSC and the Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC, and accumulated more than 150 participants from the Gazprom PJSC and its affiliates, as well as from various leading domestic and foreign petroleum companies, universities and research institutions representing in total 65 enterprises from seven countries.

The SPRS-2018 participants were greeted by the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences academician Alexander M. Sergeyev; the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy, the president of the Russian Gas Society Pavel N. Zavalnyy; a member of the Executive Board of the Gazprom PJSC, head of a department of the Gazprom PJSC Vsevolod V. Cherepanov.

The reports at the plenary meeting concerned either with key tasks of the Gazprom PJSC affiliates in studying petroleum bedded systems including development of the corporate system for operation with core and fluids, or with current fundamental and applied studies of bedded petroleum systems, in particular dealing with the objects of complex structure. There were also more than 100 sectorial reports about gas-condensate and gas-dynamic tests of wells, core tests, tests of reservoir rocks and caps of oil and gas deposits, as well as measurements of bedded fluids and filtration of multi-phase flows. Much attention was paid to modelling of bedded systems, development of equations of fluid state, phase behavior of complex multi-component systems, gas hydrates, thermal properties of the fluid-saturated rocks etc. The round tables dealt with design and manufacturing of new experimental stands and equipment. The correspondent exposure of domestic machinery was a success.

Following the results of SPRS-2018, the topicality and high level of the presented reports were noticed, and this conference was assigned a regular status. Especially the necessity to coordinate core and fluids studies was stressed, including the call for detailed simulation of pore space and direct modelling of multi-phase multi-component flows on a scale of pores of reservoir rocks, and creation of a unified system of standards, directives and reference data for the petroleum industry etc.

It was decided to hold the 3rd International scientific conference “Studies of petroleum reservoir systems: challenges and prospects” in September of 2020.


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